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We were inspired to create this blog out of love for ourselves, our families and the world. Within these pages you will find articles written by two friends exploring the depths and parameters of motherhood. The content and concepts express our heartfelt inner landscapes and lived realities. As we discover our rich, spiritual paths, weaving the threads of our teachings, we build on these higher truths in our day to day realities.

This project has been very healing and revealing for both of us and we hope the same for our readers. In this information driven culture, we are reaching for wisdom over facts, winnowing the practices that enrich our lives as we learn to navigate a fast evolving technological landscape. We are following our inspiration and we feel believe that as it unfolds a greater purpose than we can imagine will be revealed. We invite you to join us as we follow the wild call of love and freedom and ideas, as ephemeral as breath… Where it will lead us, we know not.  The joy it brings us along the way is the raison d’etre. The journey has been the destination. As we develop, we expect to share not only articles but also recipes, family activities, videos and podcasts. We are also very interested in hearing from our readers so that we may learn from one another and grow in new and unexpected ways.

This project is giving us an outlet where we can freely practice our spiritual beliefs that we have, in a way where fear doesn’t “interfear”. There are so many aspects of our life that may be fuelled or clouded by fear based practicalities.

SAM_1717We are two urban Mamas who love nature and deep contemplation. This blog you have happened upon is not about the latest, trendiest or coolest. In fact, we, The Spirit Mamas move at a consciously slow, easy going, turtles pace… honouring earth and sky, body and spirit. It is a tempo in harmony with our work as mothers; A rhythm which honours our healing process and spiritual unfoldment. While we are Mamas and this space reflects that, we also love our Papas and welcome the participation of thoughtful fathers who are drawn to us. Our blog will be updated once a month, so please join us at our leisurely pace in learning, expanding and loving. We welcome comments and will respond as appropriate within the week.

Our first post

Allison and Elisha at Chez Helene writing their first blog post!

Let us introduce ourselves.

Elisha Judith Conover-Arthurs

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I am a devoted mother, wife, dancer and practitioner of movement, yoga and healing. I was raised in a household of Rastafarian artists, my mother a painter, my father a writer, poet. There has been a deep encouragement for artistic expression, prayer and good vibrations since my childhood. My parents taught us to “live free in creation” and to be wary of colonial conformity. From the conception of my first child at age 22 I have undergone a great transformation. During this pregnancy I had experiences such as choreographing while pregnant, walking up north for two days to participate in an Eagle Dance Ceremony at seven months and completing a very mystical yoga teacher training under the guidance of Devi Goddess at nine months. This blissful pregnancy led to an unattended birth. My husband and I now have 3 children and have shared many adventures along the way. Since then I have become passionate about home birth, baby wearing, living on the land, herbs and wild foraging, home schooling, vegetarianism, ceremonies, drumming and dancing. It has been a great journey so far, and I am grateful to be sharing with you now!

Allison Oliver Thompson


My life has been a long and winding path. I first became a mother at the age of 21, half way through university and in an abusive relationship. I left that relationship shortly after the birth of my beautiful son. I was consciously on a spiritual journey at that point but it has often been messy and difficult. I rejected the Christian faith I had grown up with but I was connected to birth, herbs, breastfeeding and prayer. I was strongly connected to the earth. Over the years as I struggled to provide for myself and my son I lost some of that connection but was called back to Christ. My son is now 24. I am married and have two more children. My family has brought me great joy and spiritual growth. I am reconnecting with some of what I lost over the years and at 46 I feel that I am finally discovering the true me, the me who is free and love and joy.

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