IdeaFEST by SheEO

So many beautiful and inspiring women!


I went to a workshop yesterday called IdeaFEST for women run by SheEO.

Supporting, Financing and Celebrating Creators, Makers & Entrepreneurs on Their Own Terms

This company is helping women entrepreneurs move ahead with their ideas and businesses in a way that honours their own values and needs. It was an amazing event. If you are an entrepreneur or are thinking about becoming one, I highly recommend their events.

SheEOs are women who leverage their passions and strengths to create new mindsets, new models and new solutions for a better world.

IdeaFEST was very interactive and I met a lot of women who are starting a wide range of businesses. There were also two interesting and inspiring speakers. One was a venture capitalist who spoke about what she looks for in an investment and also about the downside of working with venture capitalists. The other was an entrepreneur who is growing a successful business with a partner. They are in their first year and are on a very small budget. She talked about how the partnership came about, how they have found innovative low-cost solutions to launch their business and how she feels about what she is doing. This last part was invaluable and is one of the things that I think is often missing in more traditional business seminars. Most of our decisions are actually made based on how we feel. It is the most important aspect of motivation. It is possible to motivate ourselves through will power but it is incredibly exhausting and not very effective. Feeling good about what we are doing and how we are doing it is key if we are going to sustain any kind of work long-term. This workshop certainly gave me a boost to take my work more seriously and to define my own terms too.

For decades now, women have been modelinga different way of running businesses.

We get to profitability faster than men.We are more capital efficient.And we tend to build small, meaningful, value-creating businesses.

We also came away with many useful resources such as helpful websites, advice about how to find a mentor, and how-to books. Vicki Saunders, who is the founder of SheEO and led the workshop, also gave everyone a signed copy of her book Think Like a SheEO: Succeeding in the age of creators, makers and entrepreneurs. I look forward to reading it and will do a review of it when I do. You can learn more about this great organization at     I am a SheEO.

I am so very grateful to be living in a time and place where so much wonderful knowledge is available and I am free to apply it to my life!

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