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saphire lotusAs I write this entry I am in the midst of an 100 day Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi Gong home practice. Today is day 14. It has been an incredible experiment! I have been asked to implement the teachings, physical practice, meditation and sounding into my daily routine, and also to notice any changes taking place in my mind/body/emotions.There are three key concepts my teacher Daisy Lee has passed on that I am now working with, which are; Vertical alignment, Neutral compassion, and Lead energy.

2013-09-25 19.22.57-1Vertical alignment is the remembrance of the reality that we exist between Earth and Sky and that we come from the Source of Creation.  We practice rooting down through the feet to the core of the earth while simultaneously pulling up through the crown of the head connecting with the sky and the cosmos. Vertical alignment is also a physical posture which stacks the light energy up from the feet to the core  to the crown. This can be practiced at any point through-out the day. The opposite of vertical is horizontal alignment, where we are being pulled to the left and right by worldly energies, ideas, people, places and things. This often leaves us feeling depleted and distracted, and more often disconnected from our birth planet earth and our father sky, as the in-exhaustible source of true power and energy. This ties us into the next concept ‘neutral compassion’ which I understand with the image of a jug.

2013-08-16 16.34.56-6Neutral compassion is when we can be there for another with out tipping over and pouring ourselves into their jug, into their problem. It is understanding that we are much more helpful when we realize our own sovereignty and that we cannot assume responsibility for another’s healing process.Each person has their own unique and important timing to sort out life’s challenges, if not this lifetime then maybe the next.  Another image we were given to work with was that of a mother and child on a plane. The mother is taught to put the oxygen mask on herself before she puts the mask on her child. For without her well-being intact, that mother is of help to no one. It has taught me that just because someone is upset, doesn’t mean I have to join them in their upsetness Which leads us to our third concept, Lead energy.

2013-08-23 16.43.40-1Every space carries a lead energy, for example in the military the lead energy enforces form, order, routine, rank, hierarchy, discipline, conformity. In a classroom the teacher carries the lead energy and depending on the mood or personality, this could be a strict leader,a stressed leader, a compassionate leader, you name it. At home we assume the parents share the lead energy. It is funny to consider that maybe the two year old has the lead energy, or the influence of the in-laws, or perhaps the television is the predominant lead in the family home. The wonderful thing about this awareness is that we can take the lead in our own energy field, and decide how we would like to impact the spaces where we create  and participate. I’ve been practicing being the leader I was meant to be.

I ground myself first in Earth and Sky and remember to lead within my family from a place of neutral compassion. It has been challenging to see myself struggle with these core teachings. I often lead with irritation or exhaustion, and other times I let my bossy children lead, and frequently I tip over into horizontal overwhelment, where all too soon their problem is my problem! This awareness has been a God send. With my relationship I’m finding great relief in realizing that I can engage and dis-engage at will. Depleting my Qi, and my happy center is of benefit to no-one. I hope to embody this wisdom for the next 100 days to follow, and 100 of years after that!


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