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2013-10-15 14.53.50-11As the world turns and the seasons change, the magic garden is budding and sprouting before our eyes. It is amazing how automatic and intelligent this unfolding is. No manual need be read, no youtube tutorial necessary. Mother Nature and her children know just what to do: stirring, stretching, dancing towards what enlivens them; what feeds them. Roots are thirsty for water and minerals as leaves and branches reach towards the light. Squirrels, birds, worms and all the other creatures are instinctively flowing through life with perfection and precision.

I wonder if we human children have this natural instinct too? Are we able to respond from the gut, a place of knowing which does not require intellectual debate? This is in light of the conversations around the topic of a Mothers instinct.  I am a firm believer that every cell in our body is designed to know exactly how to respond and survive as women and as a species.

2013-09-02 18.24.52There is a common phenomenon present in this day and age where people are more familiar with doubt and debate, fear and uncertainty when it comes to living life. I found especially after I became a Mother that all around me there were huge institutions as well as people who told me not to trust the birthing process, not to trust my body, not to trust my wisdom and instincts. Instead I was to turn to books with evidence and studies and pediatricians, and child health experts, who could tell me what should be done during pregnancy,( ie. ultra sounds, blood tests, etc.), how to handle birth (epidurals, induction, hospitals,  fetal monitors, etc.), to what to expect the first few months/years with my baby. Luckily, I just couldn’t get down with this idea that the answers were outside of us as women, not inside. This notion that it is “crazy” to trust our instincts was and still is a bit out-dated.

Now real advice and insights from other mothers and grandmothers is invaluable, especially those empowered women who experience the beauty of birth/life/death. We learn so much through stories that stir our depth and inner goddess know-how. Books are wonderful too, those real experiences recorded on paper, yeah mon!  What I’m trying to say is, we have every reason to trust our instincts! Once we’ve gathered all the supporting input, we are good to go!

2013-09-29 14.38.04-2Some of the best memories and decisions we’ve made as parents have been based on spontaneous whimsical instinct! There are little potent daily instincts, and more groundbreaking decisions that have proven fruitful. For example, birthing my three babies at home, breastfeeding them all to the ripe age of 3, homeschooling/unschooling, going on a multiple province bike trip with 3 kids under 5 years old, woofing and living on a local farm, wild foraging with the kids, living and camping on the land, all were intuitive happenings, at times challenged by heavy FEAR. Yes there was careless lack of planning and much blind faith, but Great Spirit stepped in and made our landings smooth.

2013-08-16 10.18.23-2I see us humans un-conditioned as intuitive extensions of Creation. It takes a lot of brain-wash, force and control to deny humanity the opportunity to birth naturally, die naturally, raise our young naturally without institutional intervention. But the truth is we are free, we are intuitive, and we are in co-creation with the spirit world. It may seem scary to follow your gut or your heart because we risk being impractical, but it might just feel wonderful! Why not choose the path of least internal resistance and stress, and go with what feels Good? You envision a home birth?..Go for it! It seems easier to keep the baby in your bed?.. Right on! Your child doesn’t feel like eating when he has a cold? Must be his immunity instincts kicking in! You think baby powder smells too strong, trust your nose! We have all these insights and more, always available, all right inside. More trust, less doubt Mama! You know a lot more than you think!

Instinctively yours,


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